Clearly Not A Zombie

Afraid of being bitten, I SHUT the door; drove off into the night with my shotgun in the backseat … hold on.

Well, not me. But my blog, yes; my blog. I still have this little piece of the web I signed up to some years ago!I can’t really believe it still exists and I can still sign in and it’s here!

I am going to post post some things once in a while. Subjects that I once posted but cleared some time ago. I remember writing steady here, then stopped writing. Then months of not writing which in-turn became years. Then I realized that local impromptu blogging about Geo-political rants were quite possibly affecting the thoughts and ideas traversing around city politics about elective issues and infrastructure. I cleared out the cache of posts I had active years ago, and will start creating more posts here, hopefully get the same kind of view counts and comments.

I do have a domain, and VPS elsewhere but I’m always tinkering to become a better server administrator but sometimes the layer underneath of it becomes non-existent and stops working! So, between times like those, and current times, I will be traversing the land of This blog might even have content from my other domain. We’ll see how it pans out.


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